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Is a Neck or Facelift Right for You?

A neck lift or facelift in Santa Ana is one outstanding option for Southern Californians to correct one of the least loved side effects of aging. Knowledgeable plastic surgeons like our own Dr. Michael Jazayeri understand that aging gracefully is the goal for many of us. We just want to do a few tweaks here and there to retain a youthful appearance. But there are times when injectable fillers and Botox just aren’t enough. When it comes to issues like sagging skin, heavy jowls and deep marionette lines, it may be time to reexamine aesthetic goals and find a more permanent answer.

The neck can be a dead giveaway so of it’s no wonder that a neck lift in Santa Ana at his offices is one of Dr. Jazayeri’s most popular procedures. Through no fault of their own, some people are simply predisposed to deep, draping wrinkles, giving them the appearance of a so-called “turkey neck.” Others store excess fat and loose skin, making the jawline appear saggy. These are clear, visual signs of age and can’t be fixed with filler. A neck lift is a long-lasting plastic surgery that is relatively straightforward but pays huge dividends in your appearance. Depending on your individual challenge, there are different approaches. For example, fatty deposits around the jawline can sometimes be improved by liposuction while a loose neck typically requires a more structural approach.

A Santa Ana board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Jazayeri is happy to discuss the best solution with prospective patients. For more information about Dr. Jazayeri and his services, contact his offices in Santa Ana by phone or through our contact page.

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Many people may hesitate about making their first phone call to a plastic surgeon’s office. Dr. Jazayeri would like you to know that for most patients, getting a procedure is only one aspect of helping themselves look and feel more like the person they really are. Information is power. Why not call and schedule a consultation with Dr. Jazayeri today? Contact us now by calling the phone number above or visiting our contact page.