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Fat Transfer

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Achieved With Fat Transfer

strategically injected

The fat transfer procedure involves the use of liposuction to harvest fat from troublesome areas of the body. Once removed, the fat is purified and then strategically injected into targeted areas to add volume and provide youthful, attractive contours. Although this procedure usually takes about one to two hours to perform, the total amount of time needed for treatment will depend on the amount of fat to be removed and transferred into the desired area of enhancement.

Natural Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer

With Fat Transfer Santa Ana patients can add volume to and contour their breasts for a larger, more shapely appearance. Potential patients may identify with the following:

  • Naturally small breasts
  • Loss of volume in the breasts over time
  • Poor breast shape

Voluptuous and Curvy Buttocks

Fat Transfer to the Buttocks provides natural butt enhancement without the need for implants. Potential patients may identify with the following:

  • Small buttocks
  • Poorly shaped buttocks
  • Unbalanced body proportions
  • A butt that doesn’t adequately fill out pants

Increased Volume in the Cheeks

With Fat Transfer Santa Ana patients can achieve cheek contours that have definition and youthful volume. Potential patients may identify with the following:

  • Lack of “apples” in the cheeks when smiling
  • Sunken cheeks
  • Weak cheekbones
  • A gaunt appearance
  • A perpetually fatigued appearance
Fat Transfer in Santa Ana, CA

Bright, Rested Eye Area

At our practice in Santa Ana Fat Transfer restores volume to your under-eye area, which can erase signs of fatigue and aging. Potential patients may identify with the following:

  • Thin lower eyelid tissue
  • Hollows under the eyes
  • Eyes that appear sunken
  • Dark circles under the eyes
  • A perpetually tired or fatigued appearance

Plump lips

Fat Transfer transforms thin lips to achieve a full and luscious pout. Potential patients may identify with the following:

  • Loss of volume in the lips over time
  • Naturally thin lips
  • Poor lip shape
  • Fine lines on the lips

Fat Transfer From Dr. Jazayeri

Facial aging can be attributed to many factors, and volume loss is a significant one. Many patients experiencing aging around the eyes may also notice less definition in their facial contours. If left unaddressed, these areas of lost volume can make the face appear tired and aged. Fat transfer can be an excellent option to restore youthful fullness, particularly in conjunction with procedures like a brow lift, which can elevate drooping brows and refresh your appearance. For comprehensive facial rejuvenation, some patients may opt to combine fat transfer with blepharoplasty and even a facelift. Dr. Jazayeri will recommend the best combination of procedures to meet your aesthetic goals during your consultation.

Local Anesthesia

The use of local anesthesia for your procedure allows Dr. Jazayeri to perform all treatments in his friendly and relaxing office setting. Local anesthesia has the benefit of minimal side effects compared to the potential adverse responses to general anesthesia (e.g., nausea, confusion, hypothermia). Patients that use local anesthesia also have a quicker office recovery time and can return home sooner.

Fat Transfer in Santa Ana, CA

Youthful hands

At our practice in Santa Ana Fat Transfer adds volume to achieve hands that appear smooth and youthful. Potential patients may identify with the following on their hands:

  • Thin tissue
  • “Crepe paper” skin texture
  • Visible veins
  • Bulging tendons
  • Protruding bones

Fat Transfer Frequently Asked Questions

A: BOTOX® and JUVÉDERM® are both considered temporary fillers whose results are not long lasting. Once the initial fat has been absorbed after your fat transfer, what remains stays there permanently. Fat transfer also has the benefit of being 100 percent natural, so there is very little risk of an allergic reaction.

A: Good candidates for fat transfer are healthy, have enough excess fat in donor sites for harvesting, and don’t have any circulation problems. Dr. Jazayeri can determine if you are a good candidate during your initial consultation.

A: Depending on how well your initial fat transfer takes, one or more treatments may be needed to achieve your ideal results.

A: If any scarring develops, it will be at the site of your liposuction. These scars will typically be small and should fade over time.

A: The worst of the swelling and bruising resolves in the first week following surgery, and the majority of swelling will resolve by the third week of recovery. After this time, you should see your new and improved contours, and final results will be apparent after three months.

A: The cost of fat transfer varies from patient to patient. The total cost depends on the amount of liposuction needed, the size of the area being injected, and associated medical fees. During your consultation, Dr. Jazayeri will discuss the cost of your procedure.

Embrace Comfort & Convenience

Procedures Under Local Anesthesia
with Dr. Michael A. Jazayeri

Dr. Michael A. Jazayeri, a distinguished plastic surgeon in Santa Ana, California, strongly advocates for patient comfort and safety during all procedures. His comprehensive approach to patient care includes using local anesthesia for various surgical procedures.

Local anesthesia is a type of anesthetic used to numb a specific area of the body where a surgical procedure will be performed. It allows the patient to remain awake and comfortable while avoiding the potential risks and side effects associated with general anesthesia. In Dr. Jazayeri's hands, an array of procedures can be carried out under local anesthesia, often leading to quicker recovery times and lower complication rates. These procedures include many facelifts, liposuctions, neck lifts, Brazilian butt lifts (BBLs), mini tummy tuck and, in certain cases, even breast and arm lift.

By taking advantage of local anesthesia's potential, Dr. Michael A. Jazayeri strives to make cosmetic and reconstructive surgery more accessible, comfortable, and patient-centered. His commitment to this safe anesthesia approach in Santa Ana, California, signals a new era in plastic surgery where patient comfort and safety are at the forefront.

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