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Tummy Tuck

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Your Path to a Flatter, Firmer Stomach

Tummy Tuck with Dr. Michael Jazayeri

As a distinguished board-certified surgeon in Santa Ana, California, Dr. Michael Jazayeri provides custom-tailored tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) procedures. With his extensive body contouring expertise, he tackles issues like sagging skin, weakened abdominal muscles, and persistent fat deposits. His precision and skill in this procedure are dedicated to refining your silhouette, revealing a more streamlined and sculpted physique.

Restoring Your Contour

What is a Tummy Tuck?

At our practice in Santa Ana Tummy tuck surgery is performed to correct a protruding abdomen, which often results from aging, pregnancy, and weight loss. The skin can become permanently stretched and sag in the stomach area, and weight gain and pregnancy can cause the abdominal muscles to stretch and tear. These conditions are often irreparable through diet and exercise and lead many to pursue a tummy tuck. Tummy tuck surgery removes excess skin and fat and can tighten the underlying abdominal muscles to provide a flatter, more defined midsection.

For a Confident New You

Tummy Tuck Options

A tummy tuck in Santa Ana can be performed using various techniques, and it is customized to meet the unique needs of each patient. During your consultation, Dr. Jazayeri will help determine the right tummy tuck option for you.

Mini Tummy Tuck

A mini tummy tuck is suitable for individuals who exhibit sagging skin exclusively in the lower central part of their abdomen. This procedure is typically reserved for those without excess skin near or above the navel and without rectus diastasis, where the abdominal muscles separate. The scar resulting from a mini-abdominoplasty is comparable in length to a c-section scar, perhaps slightly longer.

  • Addresses only the central lower abdomen
  • The incision is similar to that of a c-section
  • Removes excess fat and skin
  • Does not address stretched abdominal muscles
  • Does not address loose skin near or above the navel
  • Least invasive technique
  • Can be performed under local anesthesia

Standard Tummy Tuck

In a standard tummy tuck, the surgical incision spans from one hip to the other. This approach is utilized when patients exhibit loose skin above and potentially below the navel, along with rectus diastasis. During the procedure, the skin is detached from the abdominal wall and lifted up to the rib cage. The separated abdominal muscles are subsequently repaired, followed by the removal of any excess skin. A new opening is crafted for the repositioning of the navel. To manage postoperative fluid accumulation, two to three drains are inserted under the skin, which typically remain in place for seven to ten days, depending on the volume of drainage.

  • Addresses the lower and upper abdomen
  • The incision is made across the pelvis from hip to hip
  • Removes excess fat and skin
  • Can correct stretched abdominal muscles
  • Creates a new navel
  • Performed under general anesthesia

Extended Tummy Tuck

An extended tummy tuck is similar to a standard tummy tuck but also addresses excess tissue in the flanks.

  • Addresses the lower and upper abdomen as well as the flanks (“love handles”)
  • The incision is made across the pelvis and extends to the patient’s side
  • Excises excess skin and fat
  • Can tighten loose abdominal muscles
  • Creates a new navel
  • Performed under general anesthesia

A Toned and Tightened Abdomen

What are the benefits of a Tummy Tuck?

A tummy tuck is capable of reshaping the abdomen and bestowing a more defined, contoured silhouette. This surgery addresses issues such as the protruding belly appearance resulting from weakened muscles and can effectively remove excess, sagging skin. Beyond physical transformation, abdominoplasty can significantly enhance self-confidence, nurture a more positive body image, and improve the fit of clothing. The effectiveness of a tummy tuck in refining the abdominal area underscores the importance of suitable patient candidacy. It's crucial to ensure that the procedure aligns with the individual's overall health and aesthetic goals.

tummy tuck week by week

With a Tummy Tuck Santa Ana patients can expect the following benefits:

  • A more attractive figure
  • Clothing fits better and more comfortably
  • Increased confidence

A tummy tuck, under the proficient care of Dr. Jazayeri, is a deeply personalized procedure. Ideal candidates for a tummy tuck are individuals who are within ten pounds of their target weight. Nevertheless, this transformative surgery can also be performed on individuals slightly above their ideal weight, particularly up to 20 pounds over, provided the abdominal skin exhibits significant laxity and can be comfortably repositioned. Leveraging his exceptional surgical prowess, Dr. Jazayeri skillfully recontours your abdomen to reveal a more aesthetically pleasing silhouette.

Embrace Your Waist

Your Tummy Tuck Consultation

During your personal consultation for a Tummy Tuck, Dr. Jazayeri will examine your abdominal region, learn about your cosmetic goals, and formulate a bespoke surgical plan that aligns with your unique needs. His approach, which involves the strategic removal of excess fat and drooping skin, coupled with the tightening of the underlying muscles, enables him to sculpt a more streamlined and appealing midsection. Initiate your transformation journey by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Jazayeri today.

Say Goodbye to Loose Skin

Your Tummy Tuck Procedure

Tummy tuck surgery typically takes about two to three hours and is performed using general anesthesia. Typical steps included the removal of sagging, excess skin and fat from the lower abdomen and lifting and tightening the skin above the navel. Lax abdominal muscles may be tightened and sutured into a firmer position. Dr. Jazayeri may also incorporate liposuction to reduce fat deposits.

Unleash the Beauty of Your Natural Figure

Tummy Tuck Results

The results of tummy tuck surgery are generally permanent and can be maintained by following a healthy diet and exercise regimen. Significant weight gain or subsequent pregnancy will negatively affect the results. Choosing to undergo an abdominoplasty with Dr. Jazayeri is a decision that leads to dramatic and enduring transformations. One can anticipate a multitude of significant aesthetic improvements, chief among them being a redefined waistline, a flatter and more toned abdomen, and a body contour that exudes balance and proportionality.

Additional Reading

Dr. Jazayeri's exceptional surgical skills combined with his aesthetic eye lend themselves to creating a more appealing silhouette, which not only complements your unique body structure but also harmonizes with your overall physical appearance. The sleeker and more defined waistline is aesthetically pleasing, resulting in clothing fitting more comfortably and gracefully, which contributes positively to the individual's body image and personal style. The transformative power of this procedure is not only physical but also psychological. Patients typically experience a significant enhancement in their self-confidence post-surgery. The newfound comfort in their skin and the joy of flaunting a more streamlined silhouette often lead to an invigorated sense of self and renewed enthusiasm in personal and social interactions. The abdominoplasty thus extends beyond the realm of aesthetics into that of holistic well-being. By choosing abdominoplasty with Dr. Jazayeri, patients are investing in a more confident, comfortable, and vibrant version of themselves.

Tummy Tuck Santa Ana, CA

For a Sleek Midsection

Tummy Tuck Recovery and Aftercare

The period following your Tummy Tuck Surgery, known as post-operative care, is a critical component in achieving successful surgical results. Guided by Dr. Jazayeri, you'll receive thorough instructions for your recovery process. This includes managing your wound care, adjusting your activity levels, and understanding potential signs of complications. With a steadfast commitment to patient care, Dr. Jazayeri ensures a seamless recovery journey. He schedules follow-up visits to closely track your healing progress, assess your comfort levels, and promptly address any questions or concerns you might have. With his attentive oversight, patients can rest assured that they are well-guided and supported through their healing journey after the procedure.

Tummy Tuck FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

Ideal Santa Ana tummy tuck patients are physically healthy and at or near their desired weight. Candidates should have maintained a stable weight for several months prior to the procedure. They should also be in good health, or any medical condition should be well controlled.

Tummy tuck surgery will remove stretch marks from the lower abdomen if they are located on the skin that is removed during surgery.

The recovery for a mini tummy tuck is faster than the other methods because it is less invasive and does not require general anesthesia. With the standard and extended tummy tuck, drains are placed under the skin to help remove any excess fluid and are removed about 7 to 10 days after surgery. Patients should avoid physical activity and exercise for six weeks, after which point they may gradually resume exercise. However, exercises involving the abdominal muscles are not encouraged until the muscles have fully healed.

The results of tummy tuck surgery are generally permanent and can be maintained by following a healthy diet and exercise regimen. Significant weight gain or subsequent pregnancy will negatively affect the results.

The total cost of tummy tuck surgery will depend on a variety of factors, including the technique used, anesthesia fees, facility fees, prescriptions, and the surgeon’s fee. According to statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the average surgeon fee for tummy tuck surgery is around $6000 (this does not include anesthesia or operating room fees).

Embrace Comfort & Convenience

Procedures Under Local Anesthesia
with Dr. Michael A. Jazayeri

Dr. Michael A. Jazayeri, a distinguished plastic surgeon in Santa Ana, California, strongly advocates for patient comfort and safety during all procedures. His comprehensive approach to patient care includes using local anesthesia for various surgical procedures.

Local anesthesia is a type of anesthetic used to numb a specific area of the body where a surgical procedure will be performed. It allows the patient to remain awake and comfortable while avoiding the potential risks and side effects associated with general anesthesia. In Dr. Jazayeri's hands, an array of procedures can be carried out under local anesthesia, often leading to quicker recovery times and lower complication rates. These procedures include many facelifts, liposuctions, neck lifts, Brazilian butt lifts (BBLs), mini tummy tuck and, in certain cases, even breast and arm lift.

By taking advantage of local anesthesia's potential, Dr. Michael A. Jazayeri strives to make cosmetic and reconstructive surgery more accessible, comfortable, and patient-centered. His commitment to this safe anesthesia approach in Santa Ana, California, signals a new era in plastic surgery where patient comfort and safety are at the forefront.

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