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Otoplasty at Dr. Michael Jazayeri Plastic Surgery

Prominent (“Bat”) ears, a condition known as macrotia, can be a source of great embarrassment for many individuals. If you are interested in correcting this problem for you or your child, you may anticipate natural-looking results with otoplasty in Santa Ana, under the care of Dr. Michael A. Jazayeri Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. This cosmetic surgery procedure involves repositioning the ears into a more anatomical position, providing an overall more pleasing facial appearance.

One or both ears may protrude in varying degrees, but this is not associated with hearing loss as macrotia is strictly an aesthetic problem. With Otoplasty Santa Ana patients can pursue a more individualized surgical approach aimed at reducing public attention, alleviating teasing, and mitigating feelings of self-consciousness. However, it's crucial for those considering the procedure to do so for personal reasons and not to satisfy the desires of others or in the pursuit of an unattainable ideal of perfection.

Ideal Candidates for Otoplasty

Realistic Expectations and Health Criteria

In Santa Ana Otoplasty patients are typically those who meet the following criteria:

  • Realistic in your goals and expectations
  • Healthy without a life-threatening illness and any medical conditions that may impair healing
  • A non-smoker

Children, specifically, have their own requirements. If you want your child to undergo otoplasty, he or she must:

  • Be at least five years old or have cartilage that is stable enough for correction
  • Not have any untreated chronic ear infections
  • Be cooperative and follow instructions well
  • Have the ability to communicate his or her feelings
  • Be comfortable with the idea as well as discussion of surgery

Customized Approaches

Procedural Steps for Otoplasty

Dr. Jazayeri will recommend the best choice of anesthesia for you; local, intravenous sedation, or general anesthesia may be administered. The incision is typically made behind the ears, in order to conceal any possible visible scarring. Should your incisions need to be made on the front of the ear, they will be made within its folds so they are not noticeable. Based on your, or your child’s condition, particular surgical techniques will be used during otoplasty surgery.

You may require a newly created or increased antihelical fold, which is made just inside the rim of the ear. In addition, you may also need to reduce the enlarged conchal cartilage; this is the largest and deepest concavity of the external ear. Dr. Jazayeri will use internal, non-removable sutures to secure the newly shaped cartilage in place, and close the incision with external stitches. He will delicately perform otoplasty, and avoid providing you with an unnatural “pinned back” appearance.

otoplasty Santa Ana

Post-Operative Care for Otoplasty

Otoplasty Recovery

You may feel discomfort directly after otoplasty. This is normal and can be controlled with pain medication. Although you may feel itchy under bandages, you must leave these intact and not remove them. Removing these bandages for any reason could compromise the results of your procedure, and possibly require a secondary surgery. Otoplasty results are permanent, and are immediately noticeable after the initial phase of healing is complete and the dressing is removed.

Otoplasty Frequently Asked Questions

Otoplasty, also known as ear surgery, is a procedure that can improve the ear’s shape or position due to genetics or an injury. Bilateral otoplasty is when the procedure is done on both ears. This surgery is most commonly used to treat what are perceived as overly large or protruding ears in both children and adults. Otoplasty balances the proportion between the ears and face, resulting in a more proportional appearance and often enhancing a patient’s self-esteem.

Yes, it is possible to correct or touch up a previous otoplasty procedure. For those who have recently had the surgery, it is recommended that patients wait between six months to a year after having otoplasty before considering a second procedure. This ensures that all the tissues have healed as minor changes may occur in the months following otoplasty.

Otoplasty surgery can take up to several hours from start to finish. The procedure is typically performed under local anesthesia, resulting in faster recovery and less cost to the patient.

Otoplasty generally takes a week of recovery before patients can return to school or work and two weeks before participating in light activities such as exercise. For the first week, patients will have to wear a bandage around the head. After the bandage is removed, a headband will need to be worn at night for an additional two weeks. Physical activities or contact sports should be avoided for the first eight weeks to allow for proper healing.

Yes. Ear reduction, or ear reshaping, is a form of otoplasty that may be used to remove excess cartilage and skin in order to reduce the size of the ears. Patients are left with a more balanced, and natural look.

Embrace Comfort & Convenience

Procedures Under Local Anesthesia
with Dr. Michael A. Jazayeri

Dr. Michael A. Jazayeri, a distinguished plastic surgeon in Santa Ana, California, strongly advocates for patient comfort and safety during all procedures. His comprehensive approach to patient care includes using local anesthesia for various surgical procedures.

Local anesthesia is a type of anesthetic used to numb a specific area of the body where a surgical procedure will be performed. It allows the patient to remain awake and comfortable while avoiding the potential risks and side effects associated with general anesthesia. In Dr. Jazayeri's hands, an array of procedures can be carried out under local anesthesia, often leading to quicker recovery times and lower complication rates. These procedures include many facelifts, liposuctions, neck lifts, Brazilian butt lifts (BBLs), mini tummy tuck and, in certain cases, even breast and arm lift.

By taking advantage of local anesthesia's potential, Dr. Michael A. Jazayeri strives to make cosmetic and reconstructive surgery more accessible, comfortable, and patient-centered. His commitment to this safe anesthesia approach in Santa Ana, California, signals a new era in plastic surgery where patient comfort and safety are at the forefront.

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