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Tummy Tuck Customized for You

In the beauty capital of Southern California, everyone always wants to look their absolute best. Unfortunately,  diet and exercise are not always enough to fix trouble areas such as sagging skin or a protruding stomach. A tummy tuck in Santa Ana from Dr. Michael Jazayeri addresses these problems, enabling you to have the beautifully contoured figure you desire.

Why Cosmetic Surgery May Be a Better Option for You

A common misconception is that any figure-related issue can be fixed through strict dieting and a regular workout plan. While this can be excellent for losing weight and building muscle, the sagging or loose skin that can result from a dramatic weight loss will often remain.  That’s why a medical intervention may be necessary to help you achieve the contoured appearance you want.

High-Quality Results from a High-Quality Plastic Surgeon

As one of the top tummy tuck surgeons in Santa Ana, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Jazayeri can remove unwanted excess skin and fat from your abdomen for a tighter midsection and more defined muscles. Dr. Jazayeri has over two decades of experience successfully transforming patients with just the right improvements to their appearances. As an avid photographer, Dr. Jazayeri has developed a skilled artistic eye that enables him to notice the smallest details that can make all the difference.

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Many people may hesitate about making their first phone call to a plastic surgeon’s office. Dr. Jazayeri would like you to know that for most patients, getting a procedure is only one aspect of helping themselves look and feel more like the person they really are. Information is power. Why not call and schedule a consultation with Dr. Jazayeri today? Contact us now by calling the phone number above or visiting our contact page.