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Otoplasty Surgeon Can Save Self-Confidence

Santa Ana otoplasty surgeon Dr. Michael Jazayeri offers a simple procedure that can correct ears that may detract from appearance in the opinion of many. People of all ages elect to have otoplasty in Santa Ana with Dr. Jazayeri for a variety of reasons. Many children get them to avoid excessive bullying about the size of their ears or to correct issues caused by an injury. Generally, however, oversized or protruding ears can create an imbalanced facial shape. Children can be cruel and terms such as “bat ears” are common, and kids can take this kind of insult to heart. For some youngsters, this can be devastating.

Otoplasty, more casually known as ear pinning, is usually done after ears reach their full size, which normally occurs by the age of five. The procedure is straightforward. To pin ears, a piece of cartilage is removed, allowing the outer section, known as the pinna, to lie flat against the head. Other options include trimming down the pinna so ears are less prominent, or augmenting small ears and fine-tuning their structure. The necessary incisions are placed behind the ear, so when healing takes place the procedure is virtually invisible. After ear procedures, patients are typically able to return to school or work within a week or two. For the first few months swimming should be avoided as well as any contact sport.

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