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The TinTin

I am surprised how little Tintin is known in the United States.  Well, this is going to change soon.  A new animated (this is high quality animation) movie directed by Steven Spielberg will be released this month:  Tintin and the Secret of the Unicorn.

The character, a young and curious detective/journalist was created by Herge’, a Belgian comic writer whose true name was Georges Prosper Remi.  Supporting characters include Snowy (also Known as Milo in original version), Tintin’s trusted dog, Captain Haddock, an alcoholic ex sea captain, and two bumbling, identical twin detectives (known as Thompson twins).  On a side note, do you remember the successful Eighties band by the same name? That is how they got their name!

Herge’ wrote 23 comic books involving Tintin.  I was fortunate to read most of them.  The books include elaborate, extremely detailed drawings and mature, sophisticated stories.  Most of the stories revolved around events happening around Herge’.  Many of these stories have political undertones buried under a “comic book”.

His stories have been translated in multiple languages covering the entire planet.  So, it is surprising as to the lack of fame in this country.  Amazon.com has a collector’s set including all 23 novels available for purchase.

Do yourself and your children a favor, and see this movie and buy Herge’s book.  You will not be disappointed.  Furthermore, given that 23 novels were written, Tintin has the potential to bury even the Harry Potter franchise.

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