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Brachioplasty (arm lift) is a procedure which removes excess skin from the arm area.  As an Santa Ana plastic surgeon, this procedure is mostly requested for patients who have had major weight loss.  However, there are patients who normally have loose skin in the arm area because of genetics or age.

Two types of brachioplasty (arm lift) technique are used.  The traditional technique leaves the incision along the entire inner arm.  The scar typically starts at the arm-pit and extends close to the elbow area.  The scar is inside the arm and is hidden, unless the patient raises their arms.  This procedure is used for patients who have excessive loose skin along the entire length of the arm.  As with other elective cosmetic surgery procedures, the risk of significant or noticeable scar formation is minimal, if proper surgical technique is used.

The modified arm lift procedure is used in patients who have minimal loose skin and the majority of looseness is next to the axilla (arm-pit).  The incision is vertical and is at the junction of the axilla with the arm.  The scar is well-hidden and difficult to detect.

I have attached photos to demonstrate the effectiveness of the arm lift procedure.  The first photo is the traditional arm-lift and the second photo is the modified version.

Vertical Incision

Traditional Arm lift technique

Verticle Incision

Modified Arm Lift Technique

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