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ARM Lift Costs in Orange County


arm lift surgery

Arm lift surgery costs vary widely, depending on several factors such as surgeon experience and training, years in practice, surgeon’s overhead, and location of the surgeon’s practice and location of the surgery center.

In general, a board certified plastic surgeon will charge more for an arm lift procedure (arm reduction surgery) than a cosmetic surgeon who has had training through the American Society of Cosmetic Surgery.  This Society and its Board Certification is NOT recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties.  Does that mean that all cosmetic surgeons are bad and all plastic surgeons are good?  Well, no.  It is ultimately up to the patient to do his/her homework.  However, over-all the quality of training for plastic surgeons is better than cosmetic surgeons, since cosmetic surgery training programs are not reviewed by the Residency Review Commission, and potential weaknesses in training may not be addressed.

The location of a surgeon’s practice will also affect cost of arm surgery.  A surgeon practicing in Beverly Hills has to charge more than someone in an area where the cost of doing business is less.  The same is true for the location of the surgery center.  These costs are something which the patient has control over without affecting quality.  Does the surgeon have Italian marble flooring with marble statues in the hallways?  Does the surgeon heavily advertise on television? If yes, then the cost of the arm lift procedure will be higher due to the surgeon’s high overhead.

An experienced surgeon with a consistent track record will charge higher fees than a new graduate with less experience.

Can the arm lift procedure be performed safely under local anesthesia?  If yes, the overall cost will be less, since anesthesia/operating room fees are waived.



According to the 2012 American Society of Plastic Surgeons statistics, the average SURGEON fee for arm lift surgery (brachioplasty) was $3900.   Surgery center/anesthesia fees can vary widely, and can be as low as $500/hour to $800/hour or more.  In my opinion, a range of $5000-7000 is a reasonable range for having the arm lift procedure performed under general anesthesia.  However, I have seen prices as high as $15,000 for this procedure!

Regardless of the cost for arm lift surgery, please do your homework!  Ultimately, you have to feel comfortable with the surgeon and the surgeon has to feel comfortable with you.  Remember, after surgery, you are both “married” to each other for a while.

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