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Bat Ear Correction

From a social and psychological perspective, any perception of a physical deformity can be both stigmatizing and traumatizing. Adults and children who have physical abnormalities may experience embarrassment and anxiety as well as stares, ridicule, or even abuse from others. If you have bat ear deformity, otoplasty can improve the appearance of your ears.

What Is Bat Ear Deformity?

Bat ear deformity is a condition in which the ears are more prominent than usual. The ears may protrude from the sides of the head at sharper angles than what is considered “normal.” The condition is so named for its resemblance to bat ears, which are quite large in comparison to the rest of a bat’s body. When looking in a mirror, people with protruding or prominent ears may notice their ears first and little else, whereas people with normal-sized ears may not even notice their ears at all. Even though bat ear deformity is physically harmless and does not affect hearing, having this condition can elicit poor self-image, social anxiety, uncomfortable interactions, cruelty from others, and psychological or emotional trauma. As bat ear deformity is a permanent condition unless surgically corrected, adults and children over the age of five who are sufficiently prepared and emotionally stable can undergo a simple surgery to eliminate bat ear deformity.

The Otoplasty Procedure

Otoplasty corrects bat ears and helps the ears look more natural and less prominent. Dr. Jazayeri tailors each otoplasty to the needs of the patient. Typically, he makes incisions behind the ears, removes a portion of cartilage, and uses internal sutures to secure the newly shaped ear cartilage in place so that the ears lie closer to the head. If needed, he also adjusts other cartilage in the outer ears so that they look more aesthetically pleasing. The procedure is a delicate one in which Dr. Jazayeri takes great care to produce natural-looking results that flatter the patient’s natural features. In most cases, the results of otoplasty are permanent, and you can continue enjoying the life ahead of you.

If you or your child have prominent ears, otoplasty can correct this condition to give you a more natural ear appearance. To learn more about otoplasty, schedule your consultation with Santa Ana Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Jazayeri by calling (714) 834-0101 or by filling out our online contact form today.

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