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My oldest daughter recently turned two years old.  She is very bright and records everything we say.  This is both good and bad!

I remember a week ago, I was very frustrated with her being a two year old and my then 8 month old daughter crying.  I was trying to keep everything under control and inadvertently used the “F” word out of frustration.

Two days ago, my daughter started to voluntarily tell me:  “Daddy, F*** not good word, don’t use!”  I assume she started using the word at the Day Care and she was reprimanded.  How embarrassing!  Fortunately, the owner of the Day Care knows us very well; otherwise, she may have assumed we are a foul mouthed bunch of people!

This made me realize I now have the incentive to make myself a better person, since I will have a human tape recorder following me for a few years.  If I do something bad or wrong, my wife will let me know, in private.   With my daughter, however, anything and everything I do or say will be recorded and played back without my consent, even in public!

This task will be challenging, since long term habits are difficult to change, but I think it will be worth the effort.

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