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Best Bra After Breast Augmentation


sports bra after breast augmentation

After breast augmentation surgery, we recommend the patient wear a sports bra for three months after surgery.  It is CRITICAL the patient does not wear a push-up or under-wire bra during this time.  If the breast implant is being pushed up, the body will eventually form a capsule around the implant, and the only way to bring the implant down into the pocket is with additional surgery.

I used to tell patients what sports bra size to purchase, but I have given up!  We ask for the sports bra to have a zipper or multiple clips in the front, so the patient does not have to reach back and try to close the bra.  Most patients have had trouble finding such sports bras. The most common brand purchased has been Fruit of the Loom (FOL).  The main problem with FOL bras is that the number on the bra makes no sense!  For example, if a patient’s chest measures 30 inches below the breast line, I have had patients purchase a 36 and 38 sports bra.  However, with FOL brand, even some of those are too small.

I have decided to use a more practical method.  I ask the patient to try the sports bras and make sure there is room in there for the implant (the patient has already been sized wearing the implant, so they have an idea of the fullness).  I then ask them to buy the next size up just as a precaution.

Since implementing this method, the need for purchasing a larger size bra has diminished considerably.  Again, the main concern is NOT to have a tight sports bra, which may push the implant in and up.  Imagine the sports bra cupping the implant without moving it.  That is the ideal/correct size.

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