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Breast Implant Replacement

Bilateral Implant Exchange with Breast Lift

Breast Implant Replacement

For some patients, there is the misunderstanding that a large breast implant will result in a “perky” breast. When I really question the patient thoroughly, they are expecting a look which is only possible in action hero comic books (the small waisted, toned woman with big, perky breasts). Although this look may be possible when the patient wears a bra, the weight of the implant eventually will pull everything down when the “support” of the bra is removed.

I have had many patients who decided to exchange their large implants with smaller ones and then had a breast lift to tighten the skin envelope over the new implant. In almost all cases, unless the patient is under 22 years of age (as per FDA guidelines) or has significant asymmetry, I recommend silicone gel filled implants. The silicone implant feels and acts more like breast tissue and is 10% lighter in weight than saline implant.

As shown in the below video, a smaller implant with the proper breast lift actually looks larger than a large implant resulting in a bottom heavy breast.

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