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Brazilian Butt Lift

Butt Augmentation Using Fat Transfer

Fat transfer to the buttocks (Brazilian Butt Lift) was the fastest growing cosmetic surgical procedure in 2015.

With the advances in fat harvesting and transfer, butt augmentation has become more predictable, and more consistent results are achieved.

before and after brazilian butt lift in Santa Ana

Actual patient before and after photos

For years, every time I performed liposuction, I thought about all the fat going to waste.  The non-used fat was placed in a biohazard bag and disposed by a medical waste company.  I always thought if we could use this fat as a fuel source, OR recycle it into the patient.  Now we can using a fat transfer procedure to enhance the buttocks.

For most patients, a volume of 900-1500cc (30-50 ounces) of fat is required.  The most common areas for fat harvest are the abdomen, flanks and inner, outer thighs, but other areas such as the arms, back, neck can also be used.

butt augmentation using fat transfer

Actual patient before and after photos

We use the most current technology for fat harvest and transfer in order to maximize fat survival rate.  It is important for the patient not to apply excessive pressure on the buttocks, and we have the patient sit on a special cushion for the first two weeks.  The patient must also avoid lying on the buttocks and must sleep on his/her stomach or on the side.

A positive advantage of fat transfer is that there is sometimes an improvement in the appearance of cellulite.  Many women have cellulite in the buttock area, and the fat transfer will, in most cases soften the appearance.

The most important advantage at our office is that we can perform this procedure under local anesthesia, thus avoiding the potential complication, recovery, and additional cost of general anesthesia.

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