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Significant breast asymmetry is, fortunately, not as common as minor breast asymmetry, which is present in all patients.

It is important to rule out congenital diseases such as Poland syndrome or other genetic abnormalities, since many involve other organ systems in the body, which may increase the risk of complications from anesthesia. Once these are ruled out, the goal is to make both breasts as symmetrical as possible. I always emphasize these cases are almost reconstructive in nature, in that the goal is to create normalcy, rather than enhance it (which is the case for someone with fairly symmetrical breasts who only require a breast augmentation).  Therefore, the expectations of the patient must be more realistic.  Nevertheless, these are very challenging, yet fun cases to do and the patient satisfaction rate can be very high, if the right candidate is chosen.

I have attached a video of a patient with significant breast asymmetry and ptosis on the right side.

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