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Breast Augmentation and Lift Using Patients Excess Breast Tissue


Breast augmentation and lift with breast tissue

>Over the past 5-10 years, some plastic surgeons have been using autologous breast tissue (patient’s own breast) to augment the breast.  The most widely used indication has been for breast reconstruction.

However, some plastic surgeons have been advocating it for cosmetic breast augmentation as well.  Naturally, I was intrigued.  Wouldn’t it be great to augment a breast without the use of an implant?!

Well, after seeing many before and after results, even by “experts” in the field, I am less enthusiastic about this technique.

The patient must have adequate breast tissue and require a breast lift to be considered for this procedure.  This will automatically exclude everyone who only requires an augmentation or anyone with thin breast tissue and breast ptosis.

The main problem with this technique is the inability to fill out the upper pole of the breast, which is the area of most concern for the patient (at least in Southern California).  When the breast tissue is rotated to fill and augment the breast, it is mainly filling the area beneath the nipple/areola complex.  This means the central area of the breast will be projected, but not the area above it.  This is similar to using a very small implant to fill the central portion of the breast.  In Southern California, I can confidently say this is “not going to fly” with most patients.

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