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Breast Augmentation Implant Profiles


 breast implant choices

Recently, many of my prospective patients have gone to various forums after their consultation for breast enhancement, and have become utterly confused due to missing, inaccurate, or excessive information.  The stress over choosing the right breast implant profile has come up over and over again.  Stop it! Please!

Implant profile saline vs silicone

The profile of an implant is simply a name given by the manufacturer to a family of implants.  For example, Mentor’s moderate plus saline implant profile has almost the same dimensions as their silicone high profile implants.  Therefore, do not let the profile name of the implant confuse you.

Most patients want to be as “filled” as possible, which means using the highest profile available for that patient’s chest diameter.  Since the base width of the implant stays the same, the only place for the volume to go is up (meaning more projection).  For majority of patients, these implants work well and by speaking with the Mentor representative, the trend has been towards using more projected implants.  In my opinion, one instance in which these implants may not work is for the patient who requires a breast lift, but refuses to have one. 

Breast Implant Profiles

The patient is in the false belief that a more projected implant will magically lift the breast tissue, but it will do so minimally.  Since the upper part of the breast has too much projection, the loose skin will slide over the implant.  Therefore, a less projected implant may give a more aesthetic result in these patients.

breast implant measurements

In our office, I perform measurements of the patient’s breast width and the patient tries various implants which I have recommended.  This process is done in front of a full length mirror.  What the patient sees is very close to the actual result.  Therefore, if you like what you see, stick with it!  It does not matter what the cup size or the profile is.  In my opinion, as long as the look is not exaggerated, stay the course!  Our dissatisfaction rate with breast implant size is extremely low since we have been implementing sizing in front of a mirror.

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