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Pre Op and Post Op Breast Augmentation in Santa Ana

Many of you may have heard of Mommy Makeover surgery.  I am not sure who started this catch phrase, but I like it!

As have been stated in my previous blog, mommy makeover surgery addresses the changes which occur after pregnancy.  These changes primarily affect the breast and the abdomen.

The breast can be enhanced with an implant (breast augmentation) with or without a breast lift.  A breast lift may be required to reposition the nipple and tighten the loose skin.

Although some patients are lucky enough only to require liposuction, most patients will require a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) to address the loose skin, stretch marks, and the weakened abdominal muscles which occur after pregnancy.

So, can both surgeries be combined together?  The answer, in most cases, is yes!

There are two limiting factors preventing both procedures to be performed at the same time: the patient’s financial situation, and the total time the patient is under anesthesia.

Mommy Makeover surgery is among the more expensive procedures performed by plastic surgeons.  The surgery may take 4-6 hours and the cost of anesthesia/operating room, implant and surgeon’s fee will add up quickly.  Having said this, if the patient can afford the cost, there are many benefits to having the procedures combined.  First, there is one recovery period, both from anesthesia and from the surgery.  For patients who work, one recovery period is financially advantageous.  Second, combining both surgeries will result in a 10-15% reduction in overall cost.  Surgery centers typically charge more the first hour and the price decreases after that.  Therefore, staging the surgeries will result in more added cost to the patient.

The second limiting factor is the anticipated anesthesia time.  The current recommendation by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons is to limit anesthesia time for elective, outpatient surgery to six hours.   Therefore, if the surgeon feels the surgery may take longer, it is best to stage the procedures.

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