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Breast Augmentation with Implant versus Fat Transfer to Breast

If you’re considering increasing your bust size, you might be wondering what the differences are between a breast augmentation with implants and one performed with fat transfer. While the costs may not vary significantly, some key factors set the two procedures apart.

Breast Augmentation with Implant

An augmentation via breast implant is best for patients who only need an augmentation, don’t have a lot of loose skin, and whose nipples are in a good position. Individuals can increase their bust by more than one cup size in a single session.

The most common implants are silicone and saline, with silicone potentially costing approximately $1000 more than the latter option. The average cost of silicone implants with a reputable plastic surgeon can fall between $6,000-7,000, although prices may be higher if the doctor is located in more expensive locales, such as Beverly Hills or Newport Beach.

Fat Transfer to Breast

While fat transfer breast augmentation avoids potential complications such as implant failure, it comes with a few considerations to keep in mind compared to implants.

First, a baseline mammogram is recommended for fat transfer candidates who have a first-degree relative (mother, sister, etc.) who has had breast cancer. This is because calcification can occur during the transfer process, and a benign test result minimizes the risk of cancerous calcification in the fat transfer procedure.

Second, in a fat transfer to the breast, patients can only go up one cup size in one session due to the limited volume that can be put into the breast. If an individual wants to increase their bust by more than one cup size, it will need to be done in stages at least 3-6 months apart.

Finally, for patients with sagging or loose skin around the breast and low nipple placement, a breast lift may be required first before the fat transfer. It’s recommended that the two procedures are done at least 6 months apart so that the breast has enough time to settle prior to the transfer.

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