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Breast Implant Massage After Surgery

The Importance of Post-Operative Breast Implant Massage

Breast Implant model

At our Santa Ana Plastic Surgery practice, we perform a large number of breast augmentations, and over the past 15 years we have gained extensive experience regarding what may cause some of the complications associated with breast augmentation surgery.

The three most common complications associated with breast augmentation, at least in our practice, are:
-Implant deflation
-Capsular contracture
-Patient dissatisfaction with size (this is technically not a complication and with proper pre-operative sizing, this happens rarely).

Based on my experience, the most common cause of early (within the first month) capsular contracture is patient non-compliance with post-operative implant massage and or wearing tight fitting sport bra or push-up bra. The bra pushes the implant upward and the surgically made pocket closes since the implant is not filling the space. Once the pocket is closed, only surgery will be able to correct this problem.

We do have a post-operative implant massage instruction sheet which is given to the patient at their second post-operative visit. However, even with verbal and written instructions, some patients are not compliant.

The patient below is two months post-surgery. She developed capsular contracture on her right side on her one month visit. She had not been compliant with the breast massage as instructed. No change has been noted and she most likely will require additional surgery.

Pre Breast Augmentation and Post 2 months Breast Augmentation without breast massage

Please follow your surgeon’s recommendations!

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