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Breast Reduction Case Study

A heavy breast will cause constant pull and stress on the back and neck muscles, leading to chronic pain and poor posture.  If the patient has insurance, the insurance usually will approve the procedure if documentation and photos confirm the medical necessity of the breast reduction procedure.

Insurance companies, however, require a minimum removal of breast tissue from each breast, based on total body surface area.  This is determined by the height and weight of the patient.  If less tissue is removed than the guidelines, the insurance company will not cover the cost of the procedure.  This may seem a bit communist, but it is what it is.  In my experience, the amount of breast tissue removal is not unreasonable, given the reason for the surgery in the first place.

Yesterday, I performed a breast reduction on a patient with large, bottom heavy breasts.  A total of 950 grams,  (two pounds) of breast tissue was removed.

See below for intra-operative photos of the right and left breast.  The right breast has been reduced, but final closure has not been performed.  The difference is dramatic!

breast reduction surgery in Santa Ana

Breast reduction is one of the most rewarding procedures I perform, as it makes a noticeable improvement in patient’s posture and reduction of neck and upper back pain.

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