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Breast Reduction Surgery Offers Relief for Pain and Discomfort

If you’re looking for breast reduction in Orange County or elsewhere, you may be dealing with some unwanted effects of enlarged breasts.

Despite our culture’s obsession with larger breasts, reality may paint a different picture. Overly large breasts can put an excessive amount of pressure on a patient’s body and can also adversely affect body image. Some patients may feel that their breast size doesn’t flatter their overall figure while others simply want to be free from chronic back and shoulder pain. Regardless of the reason, being comfortable in every sense is always a worthwhile goal, and breast reduction surgery can help!

What Are the Reasons Patients Choose for Breast Reduction Surgery?

The most common reasons patients opt for breast reduction surgery include:

  • Pain related to the excessive weight of larger breasts
  • Chronic pain in your breasts, possibly caused by nerve damage
  • Frequent skin rashes beneath your breasts
  • A disproportional or unappealing figure, hampering self-confidence and self-image
  • Trouble finding comfortable clothing
  • An inability to perform certain physical tasks without discomfort or pain
  • For men, a desire to achieve a more masculine appearance (see male breast reduction surgery)

How Does Breast Reduction Surgery Help Relieve Pain?

A person’s back and shoulder muscles are largely responsible for carrying the weight of their breasts, however large or small. The heavier a person’s breasts though, the harder their back and shoulder muscles have to work. Over time, this constant strain tends to lead to serious chronic pain and discomfort—but by reducing the overall mass of a person’s breasts, that strain is essentially removed.

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