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Multiple Plastic Surgery Procedures, In One Surgery

Sometimes patients come to me for a plastic surgery/cosmetic procedure, not realizing to obtain the best result, an additional procedure or procedures may be recommended. This is not “selling” or “car salesman ship” for a lack of a better word.

The classic example of combining procedures is the Mommy Makeover surgery. A woman who has flat, deflated breasts and loose skin with stretch marks on her abdomen, will obtain the best harmony of her body by having breast augmentation with or without a lift and an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). Certainly, one can do one surgery alone. However, the operated body part will “stick out” and the natural balance may be lost.

Another example is a patient with all the signs of facial aging (droopy eye lids, bags under the lower eyes, jowls, and loose skin of the neck). If a patient only does a neck lift, the face will look unnatural since the natural balance (symmetrical aging) is lost.

A classic combination is a patient with a large nose and a small chin. No matter how good the rhinoplasty result is, a small chin will make the nose look larger, especially from the side view. Therefore, a chin augmentation with the rhinoplasty will provide the best balance.

Most patients with excess fat of the abdomen also have fat around the love handles (flanks). If liposuction of the abdomen is done alone, the excess bulge from the flank fat may be noticeable and combining both areas will achieve the best result. The same idea applies for a tummy tuck patient with excess fat of the flanks.

Therefore, if your surgeon recommends additional procedures other than your main concern, listen to his/her advise, and if it makes sense, follow the recommendation!

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