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Common, Unknown Causes of Bad Breath

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No matter how good one’s face or body looks, bad breath (halithosis) is definitely an undesirable “friend” to carry around!

In some cases, the treatment is very easy, yet many patients are unaware of these options.

Please note, however, if the halithosis persists, please see a physician, as there are serious medical conditions which may be causing bad breath.

  1. Protein supplement intake- I personally experienced this. In my younger and single days, I worked out regularly and did take protein supplements.  In some people, the extra protein, will contribute to bad breath.  The halithosis will resolve once the supplements are discontinued.
  2. Tonsillar crypts- some patients have blind pockets inside their tonsils. With time, food particles become trapped inside the crypts.  These are called tonsillar stones.  Although surgery may be recommended, if caught early, one can manually “push” the material out by finger pressure.  Obviously, this has to be done on a consistent basis.
  3. Tongue- yes, the tongue can be a source of bad breath. Unfortunately, a toothbrush is rarely adequate in removing food residue remaining on the tongue.  Commercial tongue scrapers are available and are effective.  I recommend the plastic kind, and your dentist should have samples available.

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