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Driving down PCH listening to Prince

I had a long day of surgery yesterday and left the surgery center about 5 minutes before 8pm. As usual, I tuned in to KCRW (89.9FM in Orange County), as after 8pm they have musical programs for several hours, and usually have very interesting programs. Last night, DJ Aaron Byrd played a live performance by Prince. However, this was not any live performance. In 2010, Prince released an album called Welcome 2 America. His tour, in support of this album, ended in a 21-night run at the Los Angeles Forum. One of these shows was recorded live, and was broadcasted for the first time ever, on KCRW. It was also sonically optimized for radio.

I have always respected Prince, both as a musician, but especially as a performer. I did watch his excellent movie Purple Rain, and every time Little Red Corvette comes on the radio, I get a few goose bumps here and there. However, I was never into him to the point of buying his music, attending his concerts, or wearing his T-shirt.

However, listening to a live show by a genius performer, playing with one of the best rhythm sections ever, always leads to a memorable performance.
So here I am, cruising down Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) at dusk. I can still make out the beautiful Newport Harbor, and the building lights are showing that magical orange hue, which is only seen at dusk.

It is a Thursday summer night and the streets are full of pre-pandemic life, with bodies strolling up and down PCH, and people constantly entering and exiting restaurants.

I am alone in my car, with nothing to distract me. As I soak in this experience, Prince’s live performance is blasting from my speakers (for clarification, my definition of blasting is from a 56-year-old man; if you are in your twenties, it was most likely barely loud!).

That thirty minutes in my car was one of those magical moments which we experience less often than not.

So why am I writing this? Numerous studies have shown that having a positive experience is good for our health. One of the most important benefits is the release of endorphins in our brains. As I have said many times, why pay a premium for synthetic Heroin, when we can produce it naturally for free and without any side effects? I may be a plastic surgeon, but I am a physician first. My goal is to improve your happiness, both mind and body. I, therefore, am prescribing all of you the following: download the KCRW app on your phone, drive down your favorite road at dusk (either alone or with people you enjoy being with), and listen to this live concert (Thursday 7/29 from 8-9pm, DJ Aaron Byrd broadcast). I would love to hear from all of you!

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