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Facial Rejuvenation With Fat Transfer vs. Fillers

Before and After Injectable Filler

Should I get fat transfer or fillers? There’s no easy answer to this question, which is why Dr. Jazayeri offers both treatments at his Santa Ana plastic surgery practice. However, once you consider the pros and cons of each, there’s most likely a right answer for you. Both fat transfer and dermal fillers are excellent methods of facial rejuvenation, and the best treatment for you could be based on the following factors.

Fat Transfer

Fat transfer takes fat from one area of the body and reinjects it into another area. For facial rejuvenation, fat is harvested from troublesome areas via liposuction, purified, and then injected into areas of the face that need volume enhancement.


  • Improves facial volume and contours
  • Restores a more youthful appearance
  • Helps patients look more refreshed and rested
  • Can enhance cheeks, the area under the eyes, and thinning lips
  • Reduces fat in the donor area, resulting in slimmer body contours
  • Since fat is 100 percent natural, there is little risk of an allergic reaction or side effects
  • Results are permanent (for the fat that survives)


  • Long procedure (one to two hours)
  • Longer recovery in which two areas (the face and harvest site) must heal
  • More expensive initially
  • Potentially fewer patients qualify, as candidates must have enough fat in a harvest site
  • May take more than one treatment to achieve your desired results
  • May leave small scars at the liposuction site, though these will be small and will fade over time
  • Temporary swelling and bruising during recovery can disguise the initial results
  • The volume of fat may change with weight loss or gain

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers inject a biocompatible substance into the skin. Fillers are injected into the face primarily as a treatment for wrinkles and volume loss. They can also minimize other skin issues caused by aging and environmental stress.


  • Improves facial volume and contours
  • Restores a more youthful appearance
  • Helps patients look more refreshed and rested
  • Versatile uses include minimizing wrinkles and creases, filling sunken scars, and enhancing volume in all areas of the face, including the lips
  • Includes a variety of fillers for patients to choose between
  • Short procedure (often less than 30 minutes)
  • Little to no recovery time
  • Desired results can be achieved in one simple treatment
  • Results are often immediately noticeable


  • Treatments may require prior testing to ensure that patients are not allergic to the material
  • Results are temporary
  • Some fillers may require several treatments to achieve your desired results
  • Treatments must be repeated regularly
  • Each filler has limited uses, which may require the use of multiple fillers to fully rejuvenate the face
  • Initial results are irreversible, so if you are dissatisfied, you will have to wait until the filler dissipates
  • Can be more expensive over time with repeat treatments needed for maintenance of results

Patients should consider all the details, pros, and cons of each treatment before pursuing their treatment of choice, as this is the only way to ensure that you have the best facial rejuvenation experience with the greatest results. If you are not certain which treatment is best for your needs, Dr. Jazayeri can expertly advise you during your personal consultation.

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