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sleeping baby

My second daughter, Shylee, is now more than one month old, and I am glad to say things are a bit smoother than my first round as a father!

Unfortunately, Shylee is just like her older sister Lena.  She is colicky and wakes up every hour or so at night.  She makes noises which sound like a cross between a pig, a bat, and sometimes a camel! But now that I am in my second year of “residency”, I don’t feel as lost as last year.  I am more confident in knowing what to do, and how to hold a newborn baby who is basically like a cylinder filled with sand (watch that neck!)

The best part is, we know things will get better and as she grows, her sleep pattern should improve.  Furthermore, our oldest daughter is so charming it takes away some of the monotony of taking care of a new born.  Don’t get me wrong, a new born baby is very cute and I love it when she smiles. She even laughs and sound like Elmo from Sesame Street!  The best part is when I put her face down on my chest and she lies there, breathing slowly and calmly against my body.  But, let’s face it; taking care of a new born baby can become boring after a few hours.  Having Lena around gives me hope!

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