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I know, it is a corny title, but I chose this title to illustrate a point. Don’t be fooled by “catchphrases”. Abdominoplasty is the correct medical term for tummy tuck, just as liposuction is the correct medical term for liposculpture. I have even seen the term neck shrink lift used for liposuction of neck. Ah, the mysteries of marketing!

The point is, always ask what medical procedure this surgeon’s catch-phrase actually is. Any reliable surgeon will use techniques which are safe and produce predictable results. Most of the time, this exciting and fancy sounding procedure is simply marketing.

This is not to say we as surgeons are not progressive. A great example is the open technique used in rhinoplasty (nose surgery). When the open rhinoplasty technique was popularized a while ago, many surgeons were hesitant to use this technique. The idea of placing a scar at the columella (the columella is the bridge of skin under the nose which connects the nostrils together) was horrifying. However, with proper education and training, it is now the most common technique used in rhinoplasty. I have performed many open nose surgeries, and as yet have not found a scar which has been noticeable. In fact, all rhinoplasties in my photo gallery are open technique.

How do you feel about catch phrases? Are you more inclined to consult with a surgeon based on catch phrases? Are you more inclined to have surgery performed by a surgeon who uses catch phrases?

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