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Breast Implant Options: Shape, Profile, and Texture

Breast Implant Shape

Choosing the best breast implant size is not enough – women also have to choose the best implant shape, profile, and texture. Dr. Jazayeri has helped countless women make the most educated choices based on their preferences, their anatomy, and what will be best for them. Here are some of the different options for breast implants and how to know which will help you achieve your desired appearance with breast augmentation.

Breast Implant Shape

Some breast implants are uniformly round while others are “anatomically shaped.” Anatomically shaped implants are also said to be teardrop shaped because they are flatter at the top and fuller at the bottom. Teardrop-shaped implants are thought to create a more natural appearance, though in practice, this may not turn out according to expectations. An issue of concern regarding breast implant shape is that with all breast implants, there is a slight risk that one or both implants will rotate after insertion. This rotation is undetectable with round implants, but with anatomically shaped implants, any rotation is noticeable and must be corrected by surgery. Additionally, anatomical implants are more expensive than round implants. Anatomically shaped implants are best for those choosing submuscular placement for breast reconstruction. For most breast augmentation procedures, round implants will be best.

Breast Implant Texture

Breast implants are either smooth or textured. Rough, textured implants are designed to bind to the breast tissue from the inside. Consequently, anatomical implants are textured so that the chance of rotation is minimized. However, textured implants are more likely to ripple when you move. Textured implants are also more expensive than smooth implants. The risk of rippling is lower with smooth implants, but when placed above the chest muscle, smooth implants have a higher risk of capsular contracture. Still, surgeons will often recommend smooth breast implants with submuscular placement because the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

Breast Implant Profile

The profile of a breast implant is measured by its forward projection. A low profile implant will have a wide base with a narrow forward projection from the chest wall. A high profile implant will have a narrow base and a pronounced forward projection. For more forward projection, consider high profile implants with less volume, as this will create the appearance of a naturally larger size. Dr. Jazayeri primarily uses low profile implants for thin patients with little to no breast tissue so as to achieve more natural-looking results. Patients with a naturally wide chest base may attain more natural results with moderate profile implants rather than high profile implants. Those with a narrow chest who desire a dramatic increase in breast volume may be better suited for high profile implants. However, each case is unique, and Dr. Jazayeri will consider all factors including your anatomy, your skin thickness, and your personal preference before recommending what implant profile he feels will be best for you.

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