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How to Improve Your Facial Profile

Facial beauty is about more than having smooth skin and well-sculpted eyebrows. The structure of your facial anatomy plays a substantial role in your perceived facial attractiveness. If your profile is aesthetically lacking, rhinoplasty and/or chin augmentation can help you achieve a more balanced and attractive facial profile.



Nose surgery has been one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures for many years. Some of the most common complaints about the nose are that it is “too big,” “too wide,” or “too flat.” Rhinoplasty can alter the structure and appearance of the nose so that it looks more balanced and attractive with the other features of the face. This procedure can also improve your facial profile by sculpting a straight nasal bridge with a more aesthetically pleasing angle.

Chin Augmentation

In recent years, chin augmentation has also grown in popularity as patients have discovered how this procedure can enhance their facial structure. A chin that is weak, pointed, indented, or otherwise flawed can be made to look more attractive and oval-shaped with a well-placed chin implant. Some individuals have a naturally receded chin, while others have age-related facial volume loss that causes the chin to look weak. Whatever the reason, a chin implant can improve your facial shape and jawline to establish balance and improve your profile.

Rhinoplasty With Chin Augmentation

Many individuals who have concerns about their facial profile would benefit from undergoing both of these procedures to reap their combined benefits. Rhinoplasty with chin augmentation can help establish balance between the nose and chin so that the profile appears well-defined, strong, and attractive. Men and women can both benefit from undergoing these procedures together to enhance their profiles and facial attractiveness.

The appearance and balance of the nose and chin can “make or break” your profile. If you would like to improve your facial profile but aren’t sure which of these procedures you need, schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Jazayeri, plastic surgeon in Santa Ana. Call (714) 834-0101 or complete our online contact form to book your complimentary consultation with us today.

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