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Incision Placement for Breast Augmentation

One of the most common questions asked by patients considering breast augmentation with Dr. Michael Jazayeri, plastic surgeon in Santa Ana, involves the placement of incisions during the procedure.

Patients should understand as much as possible about procedures before they decide to obtain one. We’ve gathered the following information for patients who may be thinking about undergoing breast augmentation as well as other procedures. I

Scars Can Be Hidden or Minimized

Surgery scars are, understandably, always a big concern for plastic surgery patients. Women unsatisfied with the appearance of their breasts may think twice about increasing the size and projection of their bust if they fear it could also mean obvious unsightly scars. Fortunately, a skilled board-certified plastic surgeon is an expert at minimizing the size and number of surgical scars while making them as inconspicuous as possible.

For the vast majority of patients, surgical scars become less conspicuous with time and proper post-operative care. Provided that a patient follows all their post-surgery instructions, surgical scars from breast augmentation, in particular, tend to fade after about six months to a year; however, incision placement is also a big factor.

Incision Placement: Periareolar or Inframammary

Most patients can choose two between two locations for their breast augmentation incisions: along the outer edge of their areolas or hidden with the fold of their breasts.

There are many reasons patients and doctors may agree on one approach or another. However, incisions made along the edge of the areolas are easily hidden by a bra or top but tend to be much more visible otherwise. Additionally, this incision location can result in lost nipple sensation and limits the size of gel implants.

Alternatively, incisions made along the breast fold (where breast tissue touches the chest wall or torso) are generally hidden from view while breasts are exposed, especially as scarring subsides.

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