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Is Gen Z the Most Plastic Surgery-Friendly Generation So Far?

The entire field of cosmetic medicine has been busier than ever thanks to pent-up demand post-pandemic. At the same time, plastic surgery and cosmetic procedure providers like our office are reporting that their patient cohort is getting younger and many of those younger patients have a notably different attitude towards procedures compared to their older counterparts who may be more likely to keep their procedures secret or only known to a very few intimates.

Moreover, there has been a wave of articles in the press recently exploring what some observers believe may be an unprecedented new attitude of the generation of younger adults born after 1997 regarding plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures. This newest generation of adults – usually called Gen Z or Zoomers – at least anecdotally appear more open and straightforward in their approach to getting plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures than any prior generation.

Just to be clear, we’re not necessarily talking about social media influencers or other people who may be otherwise overly concerned with appearances. We’re talking about ordinary persons of all genders and orientations – though it would be fair to say that some are, at least, influenced by influencers.

A Fresh Attitude

While Zoomers are without a doubt the most online generation we’ve seen yet, for the most part, what we’re seeing here at Dr. Jazayeri’s office goes beyond any kind of simple explanation related to social media, be it Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube. Our patients don’t fit stereotypes and are not slaves to the latest trends. Instead, having grown up with the legacy of the great recession and the increased difficulty of paying for an education and making a good living in the 21st century, Gen Z is a highly pragmatic group of people.

Thus, they understand that, fairly or not, our appearance can make a big difference in terms of social and career success. They tend not to make as many of the doubtful moral judgments other generations might have while being very cognizant that they are investing in their future. They largely see plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures as not so different from such time-honored appearance improvement strategies as getting a new wardrobe or hairstyle and make the same kind of cost/benefit analysis we all do when making this kind of purchase.

Of course, not all patients are making a direct plunge into surgical solutions. Many are looking to their future and seeking out so-called “facial prejuvenation” in which they use Botox and similar products as a preventive measure against facial aging. As for other procedures, however, many people simply may not see a reason to wait.

One 23-year-old woman quoted in The Toronto Star who recently had rhinoplasty lamented that she should have gotten her procedure years before but noted that “I really would have liked to have work done at an earlier age. But it’s like, not legal.” (That’s not actually true. Procedures can generally be performed after age 18 or even earlier with parental approval.)

The Zoom Boom – Now with Zoomers!

The inspiration for all of the articles may be a recent press release from The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) which noted a general upsurge in procedures as millions of Americans are returning to the office led by younger patients. For the large minority of patients ready to opt for surgery, facial procedures like rhinoplasty are leading the charge and there’s every reason to expect that, the more Gen Z ages, the more popular facelifts and blepharoplasty (eyelid lifts) will become. As before, the ongoing popularity of Zoom software for meetings remains a major driver for our appropriately named Zoomers.

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