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I believe this is a valid question, since many of my Santa Ana plastic surgery patients look at themselves more often after surgery than before the procedure.

For purpose of clarification, I like to divide symmetry into two categories: perfect and relative.


Perfect symmetry means both sides of the area operated on (two breasts in case of breast surgery) are exactly the same.  Imagine copying one side and flipping it to the other side.  There is absolutely no difference between the two sides.

Relative symmetry means the sides are very even and only on close inspection, one can find minor differences.  Have you ever played the game in which ”X” number of differences exist between two seemingly identical photos?  That is what relative symmetry is similar to.

Please look at your face and your body critically in front of the mirror.  You will be amazed how many minor differences exist between each side.  These minor asymmetries are impossible to “erase” even with plastic surgery.  If God and or 5 billion years of evolution can not produce perfect symmetry, it is unrealistic to expect any plastic surgeon achieving that goal within a few hours of surgery.

I never forget one of our Plastic Surgery Seminars when a plastic surgeon superimposed one side of the face and flipped it to the other side, so that both sides were perfectly symmetrical.  To every one’s surprise, these modified faces did not look “right”.  In fact, some of them looked “alien” and a few downright scary!  If you don’t believe me, any friend with Photoshop knowledge can do this for you.  Try it for yourself.

I hope this blog article will convince you NOT to look in the mirror more than usual after your surgery looking for minor asymmetries.  Just enjoy your new you!

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