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Liposuction for Arms

Before and After Arm Liposuction Photos Performed by Dr. Jaz

When beginning any weight loss diet and exercise routine, it’s difficult to predict where the pounds will shed from first. However, it is safe to say that the arms will probably be slow to slim down despite your healthy lifestyle. The upper arms do not shed fat as easily as other places of the body, and diet and exercise are not likely to help you achieve the slender and shapely upper arm contours you desire. Liposuction is a proven technique that can eliminate upper arm fat to produce slimmer upper arms.

Upper Arm Exercises Can Tone the Muscles…

There are plenty of exercises that can help you tone your upper arm muscles. Upper arm exercises for the triceps, biceps, and deltoids can enhance the shape and strength of the upper arms. Common examples include chair dips, dumbbell curls, triceps extensions, pushups, shoulder presses, and the like. Individuals from beginner to advanced skill levels of physical fitness can do these arm exercises daily or every other day to tone their upper arms. With dedication and proper form, the upper arms will gradually become more toned, fit, and shapely.

…But They Won’t Get Rid of the Fat

However, it is important to recognize that upper arm strength training exercises will only partially help you achieve your goal. The benefits of strength training for the upper arms are generally limited to muscle growth, not fat removal. Fat loss requires fat-burning cardiovascular activity, and even with a dedicated effort, the upper arms may continue to remain virtually unaffected. Therefore, without additional measures, you may find that the results of your arm exercises go largely unnoticed because your arms are still weighed down by stubborn fat.

Liposuction Can Get Rid of Upper Arm Flab

Liposuction can remove excess upper arm flab to help you fully realize your goals for firm and contoured upper arms. When you go in for your procedure, anesthesia will be administered for your comfort. The surgeon will make small, unnoticeable incisions in various discreet locations in the upper arms. Next, a solution will be injected into the fatty tissue to numb it and to reduce bleeding, pain, and bruising. The surgeon will then insert a cannula, which is a thin, hollow tube, through the incisions. A suction device will suck the excess fat out of the upper arms and through the cannula so that it is forever removed from the body.

Once the procedure has ended, you will return home. Soon, your body will heal fully, and you will see that your upper arms have become noticeably leaner, firmer, and smoother. If you have made a genuine effort to tone your upper arms with exercise in addition to getting liposuction, your arms will have even more defined contours.

Smooth, toned, and trim upper arms can be achieved with exercise to strengthen the muscles and liposuction to remove stubborn fat. While you can exercise your upper arms on your own, Dr. Michael Jazayeri can eliminate your upper arm flab with liposuction. To request your consultation with Dr. Jazayeri, plastic surgeon in Santa Ana, call (714) 834-0101 or complete our online contact form today.

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