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Many patients are concerned about pain after surgery. This is especially true for abdominoplasty or tummy tuck surgery.

To put most of you at ease, I have had many patients who have had C-sections prior to their tummy tuck surgery. All of them have told me the pain of tummy tuck surgery is less than C-section. So if you have had a Caesarian before, you are in luck!

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For the rest of us, there is a device which, in my experience, reduces the pain associated with surgery.

This device, called onQ, is a dual (two) pain pump catheter attached to a reservoir. The reservoir is filled with numbing medication (similar to what is used at a dentist office to numb your teeth). The two catheters are placed underneath the skin of the abdomen and secured to the thigh/groin skin with special tape. The catheter slowly releases the numbing medication over a 48-72 hour period. The entire length of the catheter is coated with silver, which has anti-bacterial properties. I have not yet seen any wound infection as a result of this catheter.

Although the catheter does not eliminate the need for oral pain medication, I feel, in most patients, this catheter makes the pain more tolerable, with less need for oral medication. The catheters are very thin and easy to remove. All my patients remove the catheters themselves, avoiding an extra trip to my office.

I have used this catheter for breast augmentation as well. However, the result has been mixed. I, therefore, do not feel the additional cost of the pain pump is justified for breast surgery.

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