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Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Mixto Laser-Fractional CO2 Laser

mixto laser facial rejuvenation

Mixto laser is a form of fractional CO2 laser. The usual CO2 laser burns the entire area treated, as compared to Mixto, which leaves islands of skin intact. This allows faster recovery and less downtime. The procedure can also be done using topical anesthesia, whereas full CO2 laser requires IV sedation or general anesthesia.

I am happy to see that Mixto Laser has an 89% satisfaction rate on realself.com.

For a while, the satisfaction rate was much lower, which is not the experience I have had with this laser. I think there were several reasons for this.

For one, the term Fraxel is not the same as fractional CO2 laser. The Fraxel laser typically requires 3-5 treatments to achieve the same result as Mixto. This confusion may have resulted in patients posting negative reviews under Mixto.

Secondly, patient selection and expectation is critical to success. The Mixto laser is very effective for treating mild sun damaged skin, fine wrinkles and certain skin spots. It is not effective for melasma, deep lines on the face, or severe sun damaged skin.

The recovery time for this laser is about seven days. The first week there will be noticeable swelling (more like puffiness) of the face and crusting. The patient is instructed to apply aquaphor to the treated areas as often as possible and to start washing the face in 48 hours. The crusts should not be removed or scrubbed, as they act as a biological dressing. The result is evident after two weeks. As always, for best and long lasting results, sun protection, cessation of smoking, and a healthy diet and life style is advised.

laser skin rejuvenation

Actual Patient

This actual patient is shown three weeks after Mixto laser resurfacing of the face. Please note the overall improvement in the quality of the skin and the reduction in skin pigmentation.

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