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Mommy Makeover: What to Expect

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Preparing for a major surgery can fill you with uncertainty and anxiety, especially if it is new and uncharted territory. To alleviate your concerns and help you prepare, here are the details on what to expect with your Mommy Makeover procedure.

Expect a Personalized Treatment

The Mommy Makeover is designed to be customized for your needs. Therefore, your treatment will be completely personalized. While one woman may need a breast lift, you may not, and while you may need breast implants, another woman may not. Let this reassure you that you will receive the personalized treatment that you need as a unique individual, not a cookie cutter approach that works for the “average” patient.

Expect the Utmost of Care

Unlike some doctors, Dr. Jazayeri does not consider you to be just another nameless patient. Dr. Jazayeri cares about you personally and will work closely with you to ensure that everything goes smoothly. He will happily answer all your questions, provide as much detail as possible, and listen to you carefully to ensure that your needs are met. During recovery, Dr. Jazayeri will be there to closely monitor you and how you are healing.

Expect a Lengthy Recovery

The Mommy Makeover can be extensive, so you should plan for a lengthy recovery. Plan to take at least two weeks off from work and refrain from all strenuous activities for six to eight weeks. If your children are young and need to be held, consider daycare for at least one week or have someone with you to help. Dr. Jazayeri will give you detailed post-operative instructions to help your recovery be as smooth and quick as possible.

Expect Discomfort and Soreness

As a major surgery, you will likely experience some discomfort and soreness after your Mommy Makeover. The recovery may initially be rough but will become easier as the days go by. Dr. Jazayeri will provide you with compression garments to reduce swelling and increase your comfort. He will also prescribe pain medications to keep you comfortable.

Expect Lots of Downtime

After your Mommy Makeover, you will need lots of rest. It is critical that you obtain childcare and take sufficient time off work so that your body can heal. The best thing to do is create a recovery station where you can relax with movies, TV shows, books, magazines, your tablet or laptop, etc. until your body recovers enough for you to get up and moving again.

Expect to Need Help During Recovery

Some of the earlier points have alluded to this, but you should expect to need help during recovery. Even if it is hard to rely on others, there is no more important time to do so than when you are recovering from major surgery. Do not expect to be able to handle work, childcare, cooking, cleaning, and all the rest of your ordinary duties on your own. Rely on friends and family as much as you can, and you will be grateful you did.

Expect a More Youthful Appearance

Truthfully, a Mommy Makeover can transform your body. A post-pregnancy body with deflated and sagging breasts, a distended stomach, lax skin, and stubborn fat can once again be youthfully slender with a flat, firm abdomen and full, firm breasts.

Expect to Love Your Results

Mothers sacrifice so much for their children, even their own bodies. A Mommy Makeover gives back what you sacrificed so that you can reclaim your beautiful, feminine, and alluring body. These surgical results can change your life, and you should look forward to loving your results and your body more than you ever thought possible.
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