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Novo Combo-A Great Band You Have Never Heard Of

Novo Combo

I am showing my age now, since this band existed 35 years ago!

Novo Combo became very popular in the early Eighties, thanks to their songs being played on KROQ.  What caught my attention was how much the band’s drummer, Michael Shrieve; playing style reminded me of my favorite drummer, Stewart Copeland of The Police (I still have to give my respect to Neal Peart, perhaps the greatest drummer who has ever lived).

Michael Shrieve, at the age of twenty, was the youngest musician to play at the original 1969 Woodstock.  At that time, he was the drummer for Santana.  In 1998, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for his work with Santana.  Not too shabby!

The band’s first single and perhaps most commercially successful, City Bound-E Train, reminded me of Stewart Copeland’s playing.  Please listen to this song and then listen to Walking on The Moon by The Police.

Here are three songs from Novo Combo, which are my favorites.  Granted, the songs have that Eighties feel and may seem a bit dated, but they were, nevertheless, a great band.  The band dissolved after only two albums.  It is a shame we did not get to see the full potential of this band.

City Bound-E Train is very atmospheric, with long moments of relative musical silence, which is filled by Shrieve’s drumming.  Again, this reminded me of Stewart Copeland’s playing on Walking on The Moon.

Up Periscope is a great pop song.  Similar to The Police’s Message in A Bottle, the song is about isolation at sea.  I am not sure if the similarities are coincidental or not, as both albums were released in the same year or one year apart.  The song has a great catchy tune and a great, non-stop rhythm section.

Sorry for The Delay is a classic pop/rock song, which includes the requisite kick ass guitar solo.  Michael Shrieve really pounds the drum on this one.  If your heart rate does not increase after listening to this song, please see a doctor!

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