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Some of my Orange County patients are surprised and sometimes shocked to find out in addition to a breast augmentation, they require a breast lift (mastopexy) as well. Since most of my practice is referrals from previous Orange County patients, the patient compares herself to her friend. This is a common quote: “But my friend didn’t need a lift, why do I need one?”

One cannot compare apples to oranges, and the same applies to one’s body. Your body is different than your friends, sister, neighbor, etc. Your friend did not receive a breast lift because she did not require it.

It is important to keep in mind the position of the nipple relative to the breast implant. For a breast augmentation to look cosmetically pleasing, the nipple has to be at the center (the highest point) of the implant. Otherwise, the breast shape will look strange. This is an important point to remember: a breast implant without a lift will look much worse and unnatural than a breast which is naturally saggy and loose.

Orange County Breast Lift

Therefore, if a patient has nipple and skin ptosis, both must be corrected to achieve an aesthetically pleasing result. The only way to do this is by moving the nipple up so that it is at the center of the implant, and then removing the excess skin, so the skin is not loose and hanging.

Scarring is always a concern for patients. However, having done hundreds of mastopexies, I can say the risk of noticeable scarring (scars which are thick and raised) is rare.

Please take a moment to view the below video regarding the breast lift procedure.

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