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Plastic Surgery and the Endless Summer

Your grandparents, your ex-beach bum uncles, or your TUBI-addicted pal might know a 1966 documentary– a huge hit in its day — called The Endless Summer. It followed a group of California surfers leaving the ice-cold winter waters of winter time Dana Point and Malibu and heading south of the equator to places like Australia, where our winters are their summers. Orange County plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Jazayeri often feels like he’s in an endless summer of his own.

Many patients looking for tummy tucks, breast augmentation, BBLs, mommy makeovers, and other procedures are anxious to look their best for bikini season but they may tend to put off getting started. Every spring and summer our phone starts ringing and the doctor has to remind prospective patients that plastic surgery is fairly involved and usually takes several weeks or months to achieve its full impact.

Give Yourself Time to Look Around

Once they realize the amount of time that may be involved, prospective patients might be tempted to rush things, which is never a good idea when surgery is involved. For your safety and to ensure good outcomes, please take your time and do your homework. You need to make sure you’re working with a skilled and reputable surgeon who is able to do the job well and safely.

Specifically, you should insist on a board-certified plastic surgeon. Both the board certification, which ensures the doctors’ knowledge and skills are up to snuff, and the title of plastic surgeon are essential.

Most people are unaware that plastic surgeons are not the same thing as cosmetic surgeons. Here’s the difference: before doctors can call themselves plastic surgeons, they first require an additional two years of training after finishing their first two years of residency; on the other hand, just about any M.D. can legally call themself a cosmetic surgeon. Research has shown that these doctors may perform procedures outside the scope of their training.* In general, you’re likely to be safer and get better results with a genuine board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Jazayeri.

Of course, you should also look at the outcomes prior patients have enjoyed following work by a plastic surgeon. Once you’ve determined that a doctor is reputable, it’s never a bad idea to look closely at before-and-after pictures for the procedure(s) you’re considering.

Finally, when it’s time for your initial consultation with a plastic surgeon, be ready with a list of questions. It’s important to deal with all of your concerns as early as possible before the procedure.

Get Started Now!

We’re writing this in late February of 2023 when Southern California is about as cold as sunny SoCal gets. Yet, if you’re thinking about a surgery that will help you look your best at the beach or poolside, plastic surgeon in Santa Ana, Dr. Michael Jazayeri, suggests the best time to start talking to a plastic surgeon like him is now…whenever “now” is as you’re reading this!

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Many people may hesitate about making their first phone call to a plastic surgeon’s office. Dr. Jazayeri would like you to know that for most patients, getting a procedure is only one aspect of helping themselves look and feel more like the person they really are. Information is power. Why not call and schedule a consultation with Dr. Jazayeri today? Contact us now by calling the phone number above or visiting our contact page.