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I recently came across an article by Reuters, which I think is interesting. The article discusses an increasing trend in patients seeking cosmetic plastic surgery in order to improve their chances in the job market.


Just a few weeks ago, there was an article in the Los Angeles Times about the same trend occurring in China!

Is there any merit to all of this?

Unfortunately beauty is NOT in the eye of the beholder. Studies have shown an attractive, tall person has a higher chance of obtaining a higher paid position, given the same qualifications as an unattractive, short person.

This is not to say if you are tall and attractive, you are automatically guaranteed a better position. Eventually your merits (or lack thereof) will catch up with you!

I think what happens is cosmetic surgery (especially on the face, which is visible all the time) causes the patient to increase their confidence level. This, in turn, will “unleash” the hidden confidence and ability which that person had from the beginning. Again, it goes back to merits. The surgery allows that person’s potential, which was buried under a heap of shyness, to blossom.

If you are realistic about your abilities and have a prominent, unattractive nose or a tired and aging face and neck, I think cosmetic surgery has a high likelihood of improving your self-confidence.


My personal philosophy about cosmetic plastic surgery is NOT to have an over done look. A face lift or a nose job should look natural. I never forget a patient of mine who had nose surgery, face and neck lift. She returned from her 20 year high school reunion for a follow-up. She said every one had complimented her on how well she had aged. No one asked her if she had plastic surgery! 

I feel the same about breast augmentation. Many of my younger patients want to go “big”. I always tell them an exaggerated breast, face or body will get you attention, but it does not necessarily gain you respect! It is better to gain people’s respect first…the attention will follow.

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