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Since opening my new office in Santa Ana more than a year ago, I have made some interesting observations.  There are individuals who equate quality (or lack thereof) with location.

I occasionally go to wine tasting events at a major wine store, and the topic of my new office came up.  The person who was responsible for organizing the event asked for my business card.  When she looked at the address, I could see the disappointment in her eyes!  My office is located in a brand new medical building, in the business district of Santa Ana.  It is very close to the Xerox building, and less than a mile from Western Medical Center.  All our patients have given positive response to the location and the office.  However, the person at the wine bar obviously equated quality with location.  In fact, she said “Oh, your office is not in Newport Beach?”

A few months ago, a young female who was referred by her friend, came to me for revision of her breast augmentation.  She was unhappy with her large breast implants and had developed ptosis (sagging of breast tissue) as a result.  She had agreed to have breast augmentation with a smaller implant and bilateral mastopexy (breast lift).  During her consultation, she mentioned all of her friends who had gone to this physician had required further revisional surgery.  Then, with a surprised tone, she said “and his office is in Newport Beach.”

Please be aware location of a physician’s office has no bearing on the quality of care.  There are as many excellent plastic surgeons as there are mediocre ones in Newport Beach or Santa Ana or (pick any city in the United States).  The mortgage company who leases or sells the property does not perform a medical evaluation or look at the surgeon’s before and after gallery before the sale is finalized.  The responsibility of choosing the right plastic surgeon for you, therefore, lies on your shoulders.

If this is your first time planning to have plastic surgery, my recommendation is to consult with at least 2-3 plastic surgeons.  This will give you an idea of “what’s out there”.  Obviously, referral from a friend or a physician is always desirable.  To assure your surgeon has met an acceptable standard of quality control, my recommendation is to consult with board certified plastic surgeons who are members of American Society of Plastic Surgeons (www.plasticsurgery.org).  If you do not like the surgeon or the staff, move on!  Remember, once the procedure is performed, you have developed a doctor-patient relationship.  I hope you do not want to be in a bad relationship!  The situation is even worse for the physician, as it is much harder for the doctor to abandon patient care than it is for the patient.

Secondly, look at before and after photos.  Remember, surgeons always put their best results on display.  If you are not pleased with the before/after results, move one.  The internet is a great tool to see before/after photos of physicians in your area.  In Southern California, a photo gallery is the norm and allows you to compare results from many plastic surgeons.

Lastly, consider the price for the procedure.  Remember, price by itself is no guarantee for better result. Consider the price in the context of what was discussed previously.  The final decision should be based on your comfort level with the surgeon /office staff, the quality of work and the price.

Dr. Jazayeri is a board certified plastic surgeon in Santa Ana, with over 10 years of experience.  Our office is centrally located in Orange County, in the city of Santa Ana. If you like to schedule a complimentary consultation, please contact our office at (714) 834-0101.

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