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Pop Music, Classical Music, Youth and not Knowing How Lucky You Are!

As many of my blog readers already know, I have a wide palette when it comes to music.  My iPod is all over the place!

I am always curious what makes a piece of music enjoyable.  So, naturally, I use my poor daughters as guinea pigs!  When they are in my car, I start playing them different styles of music and watch and listen to their reactions.  After all, they have no reference point and are essentially a blank piece of canvas.

Recently, I started playing them The Chainsmokers Closer (featuring Halsey).  As expected, they immediately liked it and want me to play it all the time (for now!).  I then play some Classical or Jazz music, and most of the time, they want me to play something else.  It is, therefore, clear to me that Pop music is called Pop music for a reason:  it is popular!  A hit song will be simple, yet catchy, with lyrics which are easy to remember.  It also has to evoke an emotional response.  The song mentioned above, has it all.  Yes, it did evoke an emotional response in me as well!

At home, I put on the video for my children to watch.  The video, posted below, is basically a young couple hanging out at the beach.  The video also evoked an emotional response in me because of what it represented: youth.  If you, the reader, are between 18-23 years of age, you don’t realize what a magnificent time of your life this is!  I have been there, although I mostly studied, but it still was a great time in my life.  At this age, you have the time and energy to study AND be young.  What a wonderful combination this is!

I understand Classical or Jazz music can be difficult to listen to, but I hope you will expand your horizon.  The same for the “other side”…if you only listen to Classical music, it is a shame not to enjoy some Pop music once in a while.  All styles of music will evoke an emotional response if you let it!  What a shame not to listen to the opening Aria of Bach’s Goldberg Variations or miss Beethoven’s Allegretto from his Seventh symphony.  I can go on and on….

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