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As an Orange County Plastic surgeon, rhinoplasty (nose surgery) is one of the most common procedures I perform.

As with all elective cosmetic surgery, the question arises: should you spend thousands of dollars to have your nose done, look and feel bad for a few weeks, for the hope that you will look and feel better in the future?

The answer, as always is yes if you have realistic expectations, are doing the surgery for you and yourself only, and understand the limitations of what can be achieved given your anatomy.

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Often patients bring me photos of celebrities asking if I can make their nose look like the person on the picture. It is important to understand the idea is the same: to make the nose more refined and balanced. However, there is no way to produce a nose exactly like some one else’s.

For example, if a patient has very thick, oily nasal skin, he or she cannot expect to achieve a final result like someone who has delicate cartilage and thinner skin (such as Natalie Portman or Keira Knightley).  There is a limitation to how much cartilage I can remove and shape.   Furthermore, regardless of how much can be done with the nasal bones and cartilage, once the thick nasal skin drapes over the framework, the result will be different.

The same concept applies to someone who has very thin nasal skin.  Although I can perform a very nice rhinoplasty, I have no control over the patient’s healing.  Occasionally excess scarring may occur which may be noticeable under a thin nasal skin, but not be visible otherwise.

Having said all of the above, rhinoplasty, if done properly and for the appropriate patient, has a very high satisfaction rate. I am always pleased to see the before and after “personality change” of my patients. It is not just the new hair cut, make-up and clothes, but also the way he/she carries himself/herself!

Please take a moment to view the rhinoplasty video below.

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