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Rhinoplasty (nose surgery) is one of the most challenging, yet satisfying procedures in plastic surgery. Improving the shape of the nose has a dramatic and positive effect on the face. Yet, nasal surgery is not as simple as it seems. Many patients think that just “shave the hump and make my tip a little smaller” is easy to do. In fact, rhinoplasty requires patience and attention to the smallest detail. Remember, the nose is a small anatomical structure to begin with, so even a few tenths of an inch taken too much or too little will have a great impact on the final result.

The nasal structures (both visible and not visible to the eye) are linked together like a chain. If one loosens or tightens the chain at some point, it will have an effect further down the link. For example, shaving the hump on the nose will almost always make the nose look wider from the front view. Therefore, the nasal bones will need to be narrowed to give a balanced look. However, if the inside of the nose is not addressed (patients frequently have crooked septum or enlarged structures inside the nose), then the patient’s breathing may become compromised. Therefore, it is crucial for your surgeon to examine and address these issues during your consultation and the procedure.

Choosing the right surgeon for your nasal surgery will ensure the highest chance of success. Rhinoplasty is a rewarding procedure. Many of my patients have morphed from shy and quiet to confident and out going. The other benefit of this procedure is its longevity. Nose surgery is not affected dramatically by weight gain/loss or the aging process.

I have enclosed before and after photos to illustrate the effectiveness of this procedure.

Rhinoplasty before after Rhinoplasty before after

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