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When Can I Have Sex After Cosmetic Surgery?

When Can I Have Sex Afetr Plastic Surgery

No, I am not branching out into the porn industry! However, I do feel many patients want to ask this question, but are too embarrassed to do so.

The act of making love, believe or not, is extremely physical and the average person will burn 300-500 calories per hour!

Logically then, we do not want to increase heart rate, which in turn will increase blood pressure, which in turn will increase the risk of bleeding in a freshly cut incision. This is regardless of how long or short the scar is (tummy tuck versus a mole removal). The principal remains the same.

Most incisions will require at least 4 weeks before they are stable enough to withstand the rigors of sex.  A tummy tuck incision will take 6-8 weeks mainly because it is close to the area of “activity”. The same is true for a thigh lift procedure, vaginal rejuvenation, etc. The farther away the incision is from the area of most activity, the faster the recovery. Most importantly, however, is how the patient feels. The operated area may be stiff and any excessive movement or stretching may cause discomfort and pain. So after 4 weeks, each patient should “play it by ear”. Start slow and increase activity as tolerated. Use common sense; if one had a breast implant placed 4-8 weeks ago, it will probably not feel pleasant if the breast is grabbed or squeezed very hard. There is significant remodeling of collagen fibers under the skin for 6-12 months after plastic surgery, and each patient’s recovery is individualized.

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