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If you are from Costa Rica or Iran, you have probably heard of Jorge Strunz and Ardeshir Farah.  These are two phenomenal guitarists who have been playing together for over thirty years.

Mosaico is their first album, released in 1982.  I clearly remember it was around 11AM or 12PM, and I was driving on the freeway and listening to KCRW 89.9FM (how many times have I mentioned this radio station in my blogs-please listen and support this wonderful radio station!). Suddenly this exotic and edgy music comes on the radio.  Two guitars, percussion and bass were creating a hypnotic blend of Latin, flamenco and Persian music.  This music was way ahead of its time thirty years ago.

As soon as I found out who the artist was, I went and bought the record (remember those shiny, black, vinyl things?!)  What a wonderful album!  In my opinion, this is one of the best acoustic guitar albums which you have never heard of.

During my medical school years at University of Southern California, I was able to see them live.  Way back then, they played in small venues.  I was perhaps no more than 30 feet from them when they were playing!  Nice people.

Not to take anything from them, as they are excellent musicians, but I think Mosaico is their best album yet.  For one thing, both played steel string guitars which gave the sound a bit more edge.  The whole album is very exotic and the recording is wonderful: warm and intimate, as though one is sitting in the middle of the band.

This is my favorite track in the whole album.  This is a firecracker piece of music, clocking at over 8 minutes.  For your listening pleasure, here is “Nomad” by Strunz and Farah.

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