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The Best Candidates for Liposuction

A liposuction surgeon should do more than just talk with patients about the benefits of liposuction, a good plastic surgeon should help you be certain that it’s a good procedure for you. Liposuction has helped countless people feel and look their best, but no procedure is right for everyone.

One of the biggest misconceptions regarding liposuction is that it’s a weight loss treatment. Liposuction is not meant to help patients lose significant amounts of weight; rather, it’s for individuals who are either at or close to their target weight already and are simply looking for a way to slim down specific pockets of fat.

Who Is Liposuction for?

Despite a healthy diet and regular exercise, contouring certain areas such as the thighs, lower back, arms, abdomen, or neck can seem next to impossible. This is where liposuction in Orange County comes into play. By strategically removing excess fat from specific problem areas, patients can achieve a more toned appearance. Sometimes removing just a very small amount of excess fat can make a very big difference in a patient’s overall appearance.

Will Liposuction Results Last?

The key to successful long-term results after liposuction is maintaining one’s weight. If a patient gains a significant amount of weight or becomes pregnant, the look achieved by the liposuction procedure will likely be lost. This is why liposuction candidates need to be at a stable weight or near their target weight and not expecting it to change a lot for any reason. If done properly and followed up by a healthy exercise and diet routine, liposuction results can last indefinitely.

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