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The Brazilian Butt Lift Orange County Women Want is No Fad!

A Brazilian Butt-lift in Orange County at Dr. Michael Jazayeri’s office is a popular choice but it’s been that way for a while. While not quite everyone has heard of it, the BBL is one of the fastest-growing surgeries in the United States and here in the Southland. It surging but it’s no flash in the pan.

The procedure allows two techniques to work synergistically by removing fat from one area where it’s not wanted and moving it to different areas that may need volume. The BBL uses liposuction to harvest the unwanted fat, usually from the abdomen, lower-back love handles, then (after purification), transfers the fat to a new area of the body that needs contouring. Even though one of the main areas contoured is the derriere, fat can be used to plump up other trouble spots. Because the procedure uses your own tissue, complications are less likely than with synthetic implants and the results look and feel more natural.

Regardless, if you are going to get a Brazilian Butt lift, you need the best Brazilian Butt-lift Orange County has to offer. These operations require precise liposuction control and careful planning and experience. Working with a noted board-certified plastic surgeon simply makes sense.  Decades of experience and a team of caring and skilled medical professionals is the way to find the right procedure for your very particular needs. For more information about Dr. Jazayeri, plastic surgeon in Santa Ana, and his services, contact his office or reach out to him via his contact page.

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Many people may hesitate about making their first phone call to a plastic surgeon’s office. Dr. Jazayeri would like you to know that for most patients, getting a procedure is only one aspect of helping themselves look and feel more like the person they really are. Information is power. Why not call and schedule a consultation with Dr. Jazayeri today? Contact us now by calling the phone number above or visiting our contact page.