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The Importance of Being Compliant Before AND After Your Surgery

Obtaining a good surgical result is dependent on picking a competent, board-certified plastic surgeon which has before and after photos which are desirable to the patient. Of course, before and after results are not a guarantee, but it does give the patient an idea of the vision the plastic surgeon has.  Some plastic surgeons, for example, like to create an exaggerated result, while others prefer a natural outcome.

Just as important, however, is the post-operative period.  Common complications which may be directly related to non-compliance are smoking (including secondhand smoke or nicotine products such as patch, gum, etc.), direct sun exposure to the operated area, interfering with dressing and healing (sometimes by wearing garments which were not approved by your surgeon), using improper medication or topicals applied to the incisions (for example, cleaning the incisions daily with hydrogen peroxide or alcohol), and not adhering to follow-up appointments. Furthermore, it is critical any new “idea” or suggestion which was not recommended by your surgeon be discussed with him/her as it may affect the outcome.

Communication is key! Remember, your surgeon and his/her staff want you to obtain the best result possible.

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